It’s All New to Me!

As a neophyte to managing a web page I’ve made some incredibly basic mistakes, and expect to make many more.   Suffice it to say that this is not my milieu!  But I’d like to say that I’m truly humbled to have been given the chance to write a book in one of my late mother’s universes, and equally  amazed that it’s now published.  All through the process of writing about Piemur and his latest adventure on Pern I never actually thought I’d get to the stage where my book would be in print.  It was, quite simply, something I could not actually visualize.  Guess I need to work on that, too.

5 Replies to “It’s All New to Me!”

  1. Miss McCaffrey,

    Congratulations on Dragon’s Code! I loved every page and think that it fits in perfectly to the world that your mom created. We miss her dearly but reading your book made me feel that she is still with us.

    Thanks. I hope you have more tales to tell.

    Steve Caldwell

    1. Hi, Steve! Please just think of me as Gigi because Miss McCaffrey sounds so formal. Thank you very much for your most kind felicitations regarding Dragon’s Code; I’m delighted to have been able to entertain you. It is my plan to write more stories set on Pern – it’s an incredibly fun world to play around on, as you can probably imagine. Take care and thanks again, Gigi.

  2. Gigi I loved Dragon’s Code. I’m so glad that you are writing more books in Pern. Thank you for keeping this joy that I get from this world that I love . Terrific Book!

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